Tumbaga Fine Wines

Excellence and legacy fused to bring you the finest wines from Paarl. Our name reflects the cultural melting pot of our region, producing grapes with unparalleled flavors and aromas. From vineyards to glass, our process is crafted to bring you exceptional wines. Join us on a journey through our wines and discover the beauty of the Western Cape, one sip at a time.

Our winemaker

Meet Sandile Mkhwanazi, our winemaker and viticulturist at Tumbaga Fine Wines. A graduate of Stellenbosch University, Sandile has honed his winemaking skills while working at renowned South African cellars. He also gained international experience at Chateau Siran in Bordeaux. Prior to joining Tumbaga, Sandile worked as a journalist for the industry-driven magazine, WineLand. With three vintages under his belt at Tumbaga, Sandile has shown great potential with the 2019 and 2020 vintages.

The Range

Tumbaga's range of still wines is crafted with attention to detail, using grapes sourced from our farm in Paarl. Optimum ripeness and perfect sugar-to-acid balance are ensured by closely monitoring water supply and practicing effective canopy management. Our Premium Tumbaga range, featuring a Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, showcases the epitome of our winemaking process. The Elementa, an elegant Chenin Blanc white blend bursting with freshness, and The Old Faithful, a Cinsaut-dominated red blend highlighting the unique terroir of our vineyard, make up our second-tier range. Each bottle of Tumbaga wine celebrates the beauty and richness of South African wine.

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About Tumbaga

Presenting exceptional wines that embody the legacy of the Paarl Valley. The name "Tumbaga", originating from a Malay word, represents the cultural melting pot that exists in the Western Cape region where our wines are crafted. This alloy of copper and gold is symbolic of our commitment to excellence and forging our own path in the wine industry.

The Paarl region has a rich agricultural history dating back to the early 1600s. We believe that quality wine begins in the soil, and we meticulously match our cultivars to the ideal soil type. The Paarl area is renowned for producing wines with great depth and concentration due to the unique climatic and soil conditions. Our vineyard's diverse soil types, combined with the natural fountain that runs from Paarl mountain through the farm, give our wines their distinct terroir-specific traits.

At Tumbaga Fine Wines, we are dedicated to crafting premium wines that pay homage to our rich heritage while also pushing the boundaries of winemaking.